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1) Never shoot an enemy AWP. This is fraught with the fact that you will get an instant shot in the jug. At a long distance, with a Kalash in hand, it is generally pointless to shoot with an AWP that zooms at you.

2) Never go in a crowd. As soon as the enemy squeezes with P90 once, only a pile of corpses and a drop will remain from your team.

Briefly about what awaits you:

useful tips for cs go

3) Watch the ammo rate of your weapon. If there are few cartridges (5-10) and you feel that you need to reload, then:

  • Listen. If you hear extraneous footsteps, immediately take out your pistol and get ready for the enemy’s exit. Or, get away from the enemy.
  • Take a position. Only an idiot will recharge in full view. Better to take a corner or hide behind an object.

Also, it should be noted that the moment of reloading is very well audible. Against experienced players, you can do some “tricks”, which are to create the illusion of reloading and show yourself vulnerable.

4) Shoot while standing still, and after shooting – go into cover.

5) Never shoot with submachine guns at long range. Not only will you barely get where, and the damage will be flawed.

6) Do not spray into an opponent who is far from you … Please.

7) Speak into the microphone only information about the location of the enemy. No offense or anything like that. All this will not lead to anything good.
If you play alone, without company, and you come across bad teammates who chat among themselves, spitting on you, then do the following:

Open the console and write in it:

  • bind – “voice_enable 0”
  • bind + “voice_enable 1”

Now on the “minus” button – the voice of your teammates will be disabled, and on the “plus” –

8) Buy armor with a helmet first. If you have eco and you hope to win it, then you need to buy armor with a helmet + defuza with smoke. You can drain the enemy’s device, but what’s the point if you don’t have armor?

9) Don’t throw mindless grenades.

Throw fragmentation only when you know or suspect that the enemy is within the radius of the grenade. Throw shrapnel into narrow places so that the enemy cannot escape from her.
Do you see activity from the enemy side, or want to close the view and calmly run? Throw smoke.
See the enemy hiding behind an object and waiting for you? Throw hammers / incendiary.
Can you hear the enemy coming at you? Throw the blind. And, preferably, not with a straight line, but with bounces, so that he does not understand that he will now be blinded and he does not have time to turn away.

cs go shooting tips

10) You need to pull out the knife and run, following the simplest rules. This rule sounds like this: “If you know that the way to the site is clear, take a knife and be calm.” In other words, you can run with a knife when you are sure that you are not in danger.

11) Keep track of the round time. (Timing) The first thing I want to note is that you don’t run headlong to plant a bomb on the site. This is stupid. Wait, collect information, make fakes and then you can put a bomb. Usually, you need to think about this when the time until the end of the round is 0:30. Second. When grazing a bomb for counter-terrorists and the terrorists don’t have enough time to patch it, save your life by running away from the terrorists. PS: It takes 3.5 seconds to place the bomb.

12) You have more than $ 7,500 at the beginning of the round, but your teammates have no money? Drop AK-47 / M4 (optional). The only exception is the forced eco due to the “$ 1900” mark for all teammates.

13) Rat around the corner and see how the enemy ran out? Don’t shoot right away. Wait, aim and hang headshot. Otherwise, he will instantly turn around and kill you at close range or cause significant damage.

14) Do not shoot your entire clip of pistols at trifles. That is, do not shoot bullets in the air, in the hope that the enemy will run out and you will instantly kill him. See the model, aim and shoot. This rule works very well for: USP-S, P250, CZ-75, as well as for the M4A1-S rifle.

15) For inexperienced players, in no case should you buy Desert Eagle, Dual Berettas, as well as the M4A1-S rifle due to a small clip and magazine, machine guns, AWP (except – when you own the basis of shooting or are the only sniper in the team ) and submachine guns (excl. – P90 if you are going to shoot at close range + excl. – if you are playing against a team that did not have enough money for weapons / armor, etc.).

16) Don’t play with the speakers. Buy and play good studio headphones with surround sound. Play at high volume, but so that the sound of a shot from an AK-47 or AWP does not hit your ears too much. This way we will clearly hear all the steps.

17) Don’t buy more than one AWP per team.

18) Always keep the sight at head level, and if you decide to spray into the enemy, then after 4-5 rounds, move the sight down.

19) Turn away from blind grenades. See the flash drive flying? Turn away, wait until it explodes and turn back. It is worth noting the fact that if the enemy throws an “offensive” flash drive (ie, throws a blind grenade in order to go to the blinded player and kill him), then do not hesitate to fire blindly.

20) Remember to look back. A vivid example: you play as terrorists on Dust II, four people go to the ridge, and you watch mid. The counter-terrorist ran through the length> can and killed you from behind.

21) As counter-terrorists, never leave the site free. Example: Terrorists went to site “A”, started to fire against CT. Five counter-terrorists moved to site “A”, while the terrorists, meanwhile, left to plant a bomb on a completely free site “B”.

22) If the enemy has a shotgun, run away from him as far as possible.

23) Do not watch one point at the same time with your teammates. Example: On Dust II at bombsite “A”, you are watching a zig, the second is a CT, the third is a zig.

24) Don’t chase the Counter-Terrorists. You must have an accurate tactic: 2 – “A”, 2 – “B”, 1 – Middle.

25) Do not run away after planting the bomb. After your team has planted a bomb, take each point and watch the movement of counter-terrorists and kill them.

26) Do not throw 2 smoks at one point at the same time. Example: Your teammate threw smoke to Middle, and you, not seeing the moment of the throw, thoughtlessly threw the second smoke.

27) Remaining on eco-round 1 in 3 in hand with a pistol, hide and kill the enemy with an accurate headshot to pick up the device.

28) If you don’t have defuses, and the bomb has already been placed (situation 1 in 3), then leave to save. Your chances are small, and if you are at the other end of the map, write “Gone”. Or you can pick up a defuse from the corpse of a teammate, asking in the voice chat where he died, and go to the bombsite to try to do something.

29) If you win the pistol round, make a farm buy. Farm-buy is the purchase of weapons, from which they give much more money for killing. It is best to buy PP-Bizon, from which they give $ 600 for a kill.

30) A player of the enemy team is standing in AFK and you intend to kill him? Kill exclusively with a knife. This is not for beauty, but for the economy. For a kill with a knife you are given $ 1.5oo.

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