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Hello everyone, dear readers. Today we want to tell you a little about the update that came out at the end of last fall. However, we will not dwell on all the changes, but we will talk specifically about the Storage Unit in CS:GO, in parallel answering all the pop-up questions regarding this item.

What is CS:GO Storage Unit

storage unit cs go what is it

Actually, so to speak, a Storage Unit is a storage within a storage. Those. this is a chest in which you can store your game items (skins). In total, it expands the number of free spaces in your inventory to 1000 slots.

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You may not have encountered a similar problem yet, but people who have a full inventory in CS:GO have asked for something similar for a long time. There are times when the players managed to find a profitable offer, but they could not buy the skin, because a message about an overflowing inventory appeared.

With Storage Units, you will forget about these problems. It is bought in the store, and quite cheaply. It costs only 129 rubles. Among other things, before you put items in there, you can rename the chest, which is also very cool.

You can add skins to the Storage Unit in two ways:

  1. Right click on the storage and select Deposit Items.
  2. Right click on any skin and select Move to Storage Unit.

Why Storage Unit is useful

Item storage in cs go

Free inventory slots are already the tenth thing. But the fact that with its help you can put things in order in the inventory is very useful. For example, you have a lot of junk skins that are a pity to sell for a penny, there are not enough of them for the contract, and it is a shame to put them. In such cases, you can shove them into the storage, where you will wait for the right moment to exchange them in the contract, or simply sell them more profitably.

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