CS:GO vocabulary: game terms

Setting up CS:GO

In this Dictionary, I tried to collect all the terms and designations of the game, and also arranged them in the most convenient order for users.
I gave the spelling, pronunciation, designation and use of the term!

Players / Teams

Cs go dictionary

  • Terra- team players terrorists (attack)
  • Counter – Special Forces team players (Counter – Terrorists) (Defense)
  • Timmate is a player on your team
  • Tim Kill – Killing a member of his team
  • Teamplay – team play, teamwork and mutual understanding in the team
  • Skill – game skill
  • Personal skill – a refined skill of an individual game (accuracy, spreading, reaction, etc.)
  • Team skill – the ability to play in a team
  • Eco round – The team plays with the default weapon or buys inexpensive weapons in order to buy a rifle in the next round.
  • Force buy is a round in which one purchases the main weapon and armor with a helmet, and sometimes one grenade.
  • Full buy – a round in which you buy the main weapon, all types of grenades, as well as armor with a helmet

Weapons in cs:go

Weapons in cs go

  • Elephant / Elephant Slayer – AWP
  • Fly / Mukhaboyka – SSG 08
  • Device – designation of a weapon or a sapper set
  • Difuza / forceps – sapper set
  • Flash Drive – Flash Grenade
  • Smoke / Smoke – smoke grenade
  • Soak – Smoke an area with a smoke grenade
  • Heeshka – common grenade
  • Throwing – a technique for scattering a grenade in a certain area

Shooting technique in cs:go

  • Spray / Clamp – Clamp shooting, long burst
  • Tap – single shot shooting
  • Burst – short burst, usually 2 – 3 shots
  • Prefair – when you shoot in advance at the supposed location of the enemy.
  • Stop Shot – When you strafe around a corner, press the opposite direction key sharply to stop the movement completely.
  • Pressing should be very fast and short-lived.
  • Flick shot – sniper rifle shooting technique
  • Fast zoom is a property of some sniper rifles, when the shot can be simultaneously with the moment of aiming
  • Optics / Zoom – Optical sight
  • KnowZum – a shot from a sniper rifle without using an optical sight, at a glance


Cheats in cs go

  • AIMbot / AIM – A cheat that automatically aims at the head (or other customized hitbox)
  • WH / WallHack -Cheat to see through walls
  • Trigger – A script that automatically shoots at the enemy as soon as the scope was aimed at him
  • BHop / BunnyHop – Script. Automatic jump
  • MultiHack / Multi-Hack – Powerful set of cheats and scripts

Cheats that were used in older versions of the game:

  • SpeedHack – Cheat that allows you to move at a very high speed
  • RadarHack – Cheat that allows you to constantly see opponents on the radar
  • Lambert -Highlight opponents
  • NoSky – No sky on the map
  • NoFlash – No dazzle effect
  • NoSmoke – No smoke effect
  • Recoil Switch – No recoi
  • ESP – Powerful cheat that allows you to find out all the information about the enemy (Weapon, number of hp, etc.)

Technique of movement in cs:go

Technique of movement in cs go

  • Shift – move with the Shift button, move with minimal noise
  • Boost – A place where one player can jump on top of another player can climb higher or gain another tactical advantage
  • Strafe – Lateral movement (usually A and D), can be used to peek around a corner or out of the line of fire to the side
    CS:GO play styles
  • Arcade – an aggressive style of play, expressed in rush or constant attacks of the enemy
  • Rush – Rapid attack by several players from the spawn to a specific flank
  • AWAP’ep – an excellent AWP player
  • Def is a defensive game
  • Fragger is a player who plays for the sake of filling frags, there is no team game.
  • Save – a player with a good weapon hides in order to save the weapon for the next round
  • Kemper / Rat – A player who is in cover to fill frags. Does not take part in team play.
  • Hold – Hold position

Locations on the map

dictionary of game terms in cs go

  • Resp / base – The place where players spawn at the beginning of the round
  • Length / Long – a long, well-shot passage on the map
  • Meade – Central passage on the map
  • Plant – the place where the bomb was planted
  • Intestine – narrow long passage


  • Head / Headshot – headshot
  • One-shot is a 1-shot kill, usually to the head.
  • Frag / Minus – killed enemy
  • Config – file of configuration and game bindings
  • Drop – dropping a weapon to a teammate or raising a weapon, grenade, etc.
  • Flood – spam in game chat
  • Afk – the game that moved away from the computer
  • Random – random kill shot, etc.
  • In general, random is an accident.
  • Shooting – a shot through a wall, door, box, etc.
  • Defuse – bomb clearance
  • Last – the last
  • Last round – last round
  • Default – standard
  • gg – good game – a good game (it is usually said at the end of a game or a match, the loser usually speaks first, thereby indicating that he surrenders). (In War 3, the opposite is usually said before the game.)
  • gl – good luck – good luck (said to the opponent before the game)
  • hf – have fun – have fun (also before the game, often used together or instead of gl – gl & hf)
  • n1 – nice one or number one – not bad or number one (usually about frags)
  • bl – bad luck – no luck. in response to the phrase Good Luck (gl).
  • bg – bad game – bad game (usually losing lamaks are written as an excuse)
  • gh – good half or good hunt – good half (half played well – 15 rounds on one side) or successful hunt (wish is used less often).
  • gf – good fight – good fight (often used after a lightsaber duel, for example in JK2 or JKA) (less often good frag – good frag)
  • gk – good kill¬†
  • gt – good try¬†
  • gj – good job
  • ns – nice shoot – great shot!
  • wd – well done –¬† good job (to teammates)
  • ty –¬† thank you


This concludes my Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Glossary of Terms …

If you notice an error or a missing term, then feel free to write about it in the comments, I will definitely add and take into account everything!

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