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To start with, a couple of symbols used in the guide:

T – Terrorist

CT – Counter Terrorist

Damage reduction

Many players think that as armor gets worse, it decreases damage taken worse. This is not the case, armor still reduces damage until its condition is less than 1%.

Facts about body armor

  • Kevlar body armor reduces damage to the body, but a headshot will still be fatal. You can buy a Kevlar body armor with a helmet.
  • This will save you from a fatal headshot from any weapon except: sniper rifles, melee rifles, Desert Eagle, AK-47 and SG 553.
  • Damage from frag grenades, buckshot, 9mm and .45 ACP (ie most pistols and submachine guns) is reduced by about 50%.
  • Damage from rifles and armor-piercing ammunition SS190 FN57 (used in Five-seveN and P90) is reduced by approximately 25%.
  • As long as you have the armor, the exact percentage of the armor is irrelevant.
  • Kevlar bulletproof vest will not protect you from attacks directed not at the chest, stomach and head (if you took a bulletproof vest + helmet). Therefore, you can have very low health, but 100% armor.

Properties of armor


  • Significantly increases protection against most ammunition
  • Buying a helmet you protect yourself from a fatal headshot from most weapons
  • Does not affect the speed of movement


  • Expensive
  • Does not protect against a headshot from Desert Eagle, AWP and AK-47
  • Kevlar body armor and helmet do not protect legs

Body armor and pistols

Many people buy body armor in the first round of the game, but is it worth it? It all depends on the opposing team and who you are playing for.

Weapons available to all teams:

  • Desert Eagle – damage reduction by 25%
  • Dual Berettas – damage reduction by 42.5%
  • P250 – damage reduction by 27.5%

Weapons available CT:

  • Five Seven – damage reduction by 17.5%
  • P2000 – damage reduction by¬†40%

Weapons available T :

  • Glock 18 – damage reduction by 17%¬†
  • Tec-9 – damage reduction by 30%

It turns out that if you are a CT then you should not buy a body armor, as it will reduce damage to Glock 18 by only 17%, which is not worth the $ 650 spent. If you are playing as T, then you should buy armor, as it reduces the damage dealt by P2000 by 40%. It could save your life. If CTs are playing an eco-round, then your whole team should get a vest, as this will make the enemy’s weapon almost twice as weak.


Body armor and submachine guns

Submachine guns are a low budget weapon in CS: GO. UMP and P90 are the best in stats, but SMGs are not very effective against body armor.

Weapons available to all teams:

  • P90 – damage reduction by 35%
  • PP-Bizon – damage reduction by 52.5%
  • MP7 – damage reduction by 47.5%
  • UMP-45 – damage reduction by 45%

Weapons available CT:

  • MAC-10 – damage reduction by 52.5%

Weapon available T:

  • MP9 – damage reduction by 50%

Bullet-proof vest and shotguns

Shotguns are melee weapons. If you are sure that the enemy has little money, they will arm themselves with guns, perhaps you should take a bulletproof vest. Weapons available to all teams:

  • Nova – damage reduction by 50%
  • XM1014 – damage reduction by 50%

Weapons available CT:

  • MAG7 – damage reduction by 25%

Weapons available T:

  • Sawed-Off – damage reduction by 25%

I would recommend purchasing body armor against guns … Most effective this purchase will be against the Nova and XM1014, they will become useless as a paintball marker unless it is a shot in the face at close range.



Bulletproof vest and sniper rifles

Sniper rifles are quite common weapons, out of a dozen players, a couple will buy an AWP. Before you think you’ve found protection from this deadly weapon, think again. Armor, almost a waste of money for sniper protection.

Weapons available to all teams:

  • AWP – damage reduction by 2.5%
  • SSG 08 – damage reduction by 15%

Weapons available to CT:

  • SCAR-20 – damage reduction by 17.5%

Weapons available T:

  • G3SG1 – damage reduction by 17.15%

Body armor and helmet will not protect against Headshot from AWP

Bulletproof vest against snipers is practically useless, although it can provide some protection against semi-automatic sniper rifles, but you know that against experienced snipers it is also not very effective. The result will be one, with or without armor.

Bulletproof Vest and Machine

Guns Machine guns are quite expensive and often ineffective. They have high recoil, but are very effective against armor.

Weapons available to all teams:

  • Negev – damage reduction by 25%
  • M249 – damage reduction by 20%

Considering the rate of fire of machine guns, body armor is ineffective against them and is not worth spending money on buying armor. But machine guns are rarely bought, so don’t be discouraged.

Pomegranates and Molotov Cocktail

Pomegranates are bought constantly and are not used in a rare round.

Weapons available to all teams:

  • HE Grenade – damage reduction by 40%

Weapons available to CT:

  • Incendiary Grenade – damage reduction by 0%

Weapons available to T:

  • Molotov cocktail – damage reduction by 0%

Body armor and Zeus X27

It is rumored that the body armor protects against Zeus, but that is not the case. At close range, Zeus kills immediately. If you are farther than the effective hitting distance, then Zeus does 85 points of damage.

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