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If you have played at least one online game, you have come across inadequate people more than once. Or they themselves have repeatedly, due to some kind of personal mental disorder, snapped at someone. You can argue for a long time and tediously about who is right and who is wrong. However, it will be much easier to remember a few simple, but at the same time extremely useful tips that you will see in this guide.


How to behave in cs go

In almost 1000 hours that I spent playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, I met a huge number of the most diverse, aggressive-minded people. As a rule, their aggression was directed either at enemies or at members of their own team. Surely you have come across similar subjects more than once.

Remember those? So, if next time you come across one or more of these comrades, do only three simple things:

  1. Calm down. Do not pay any attention to the aggressor;
  2. Block all types of communication for the aggressor;
  3. In no case expel the aggressor from the team. Let him be at least three times embittered and aggressive. However, he will still play better than the BOT.

Inadequate people

Inadequate teammates in cs go

Have you ever found yourself in a team with inadequate teammates? And with all this, you also wanted to win?

To win these matches more often, you just need to do three simple things:

  1. Try to negotiate with an inadequate teammate;
  2. Otherwise, block all types of communication for him;
  3. If he will continue to deliberately spoil your game, immediately start voting for his exclusion.

These were the most effective methods against inadequate people in your team. All of the above measures are best done at an early stage of the game, because then it will be too late.

Swear words and expressions

How to behave in cs go

For almost 1000 hours that I spent playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, I heard a huge number of a wide variety of swear words and expressions. In many languages ‚Äč‚Äčof the world, including Polish, Korean, French, Chinese, South African, Brazilian, Old Slavic, and even the Aboriginal language of Australia and New Zealand.

If your refined gentle nature is confused by such words and expressions, do the following:

  1.  Kindly ask the person who uses obscene words and expressions to shut up not to use them due to any circumstances.

but). “I cannot listen to how your words distort and disfigure my native language” (as applied to compatriots);
b). “Be kind, do not express yourself. There are people close to me next to me”;
at). “Shut your mouth, bitch. One more word – and I will block all kinds of communication for you.”

  1. If, after all the above measures, your counterpart will not shut up and stop abusing obscenities and insults, feel free to block all types of communication for him. Especially, it really is, if your counterpart does not inform your team about the actions and movements of opponents.

Appeal to all who are not indifferent:
People, down with this bestial behavior! The game is full of students and kindergartners, so choose your words and expressions carefully.


Tim Rok in cs go

In almost 1000 hours that I spent playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, I took more than one clutch round. It was often easy, but sometimes it was necessary to use the capabilities of the brain, as well as the senses of hearing and sight to the fullest.

There were also failures. For example, I played Dust 2, there was one against three. I have a bomb – I have every chance to win. However, that was not the case. The teammates who thought I was stupid began to flood and bark in every possible way in the voice chat, which de-energized my sonic abilities. As a result, due to the noise and barking, I simply did not hear the steps of my opponents. And naturally I lost the round.

Or another example: when I had the AWP Asimov rifle in my hands, all the teammates asked me: “Did you knock me out of the case?”, “Give me a drive”, “Give me AWP please”, thereby clogging up the voice chat. The outcome of this is similar to the first case.

If you, like me, are confused by such behavior of your teammates, feel free to take the following steps:

  1. 1. If your teammates are eager to chat – let them do it in text chat. Politely remind your teammates of the existence of this function in the game;
  2. If your teammates do not comply with your above request, feel free to block all types of communication for them;
  3. If you yourself are eager to chat – do it especially after the game. Add your interlocutors to the list of friends – and go ahead, scratch your tongues for health.

Inexperienced players

Weak cs go players

Inexperienced players often come across on Russian and foreign servers. This is very annoying for many – their team spirit falls and weakens.

Nobody wants to be on the same team with inexperienced players, right?
However, no one is immune from such teammates, so despair will not help here. Perhaps in the next matches you will come across more experienced players, and the enemies – on the contrary.

However, if you do not have enough patience for this particular game, then here are some recommendations for you in this case:

  1.  If your rank is below two stars, it will be better not to exclude inexperienced players from the team. Let the youth study;
  2. If your rank is below the Guardian Master, but above two stars, then let the decision to exclude inexperienced players remain on the conscience of your team;
  3. For ranks higher than the Guardian Master, feel free to exclude inexperienced players pulling the team to the bottom.

However, do not recklessly exclude players from the game if, for example, you saw their weak play in the initial rounds. Perhaps these people simply did not adapt to the conditions of the map, to the skills and abilities of their opponents. Wait a bit. It often happens that just such “inexperienced players” rise to the very top of the table in terms of frag and impact.

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