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Hello dear readers. You’ve probably read our articles in which we told you how to bind some actions or phrases on the keyboard. But we never paid much attention to binds on the mouse. But you can also bind something to it that will be useful to you. Especially if it is multi-button. And today we will tell you how to do it. Let’s say right away that multi-button mice are not the best solution for playing CS:GO. The fact is that at the most inopportune moment you can click on something that can drop a weapon, send a phrase to the chat, etc.

how to bind a mouse button in cs go

However, now almost all gaming mice have at least 5-7 buttons. For example, the famous cheating mouse X7 from 4tech has a triple shot button. It is not for nothing that this is a forbidden mouse, considered a cheat, in the pro-scene.

how to bind a mouse in cs go

Let’s continue our conversation with this mouse. it has at least 3 extra buttons that you can reconfigure for yourself.

So, on the left “board” of the mouse there are 2 buttons. On them you can put the function of changing weapons, for example, on the previous one, or you can bind some grenade so that it instantly gets out when you press this button. This can be done both in the CS:GO settings and using console commands. In the second case, you just need to know the name of this or that action that you will need to bind.

Typically, the additional buttons on a mouse are named “Mouse 3 and Mouse 4”. That is, you will need to write bind, then add the name of the button, and then write the action in quotes.

Bind MOUSE3 “slot1”

Bind MOUSE4 “slot2”

how to bind a mouse

Thus, by clicking on the first or second mouse button, you can switch between a pistol and a machine gun in CS:GO. However, we would venture to give you advice – it is better to bind a flash grenade to one of the buttons, and a green or molik to the other. This will allow you to quickly select the desired grenades during enemy pushes, and will also allow you to throw cool instant shots.

On this we, perhaps, will finish our article, good luck to everyone and for now.

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