How to enable immortality in CS:GO through the console

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Good day, dear readers. Sometimes, during training in CS:GO, situations arise when you need to enable immortality. For example, this is necessary when you train a long jump at a high altitude, or just fly around the map. Agree, it is not pleasant to constantly break, therefore there is a special console command for immortality.

Also, this command will allow you to have fun with a friend if you play with him 1 on 1. You can find dozens of videos with this kind of trolling on YouTube. But still, the main goal of this team is training.

So, initially you should understand that this command will only act in a game with bots or on maps from the workshop, i.e. on your server. It will not be available to you in official matches.

how to include immortality in cs go

The first thing you should write in the console is sv_cheats 1. This command will allow you to use other, more cheating commands, one of which is immortality.

Well, to activate immortality, you just need to write it in the God console. Under your entry, you will see an inscription in the console godmode on, i.e., you have activated immortality.

On this we say goodbye to you, good luck to everyone and see you soon.

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