How to enable invisibility in CS:GO through the console

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Hello everyone, dear readers. Many of you are watching Marmok. In one of his last videos, he ended up on a server running an invisible player. Many of you – wanted to know what this function is, what it is for and how to use it. In this article – we will reveal the answers to all these questions.

Why is this feature needed

Let’s say right away that this function will be available to you either in the game with bots, or on your own server. The most interesting thing is that this function allows you to determine, with a probability of 100%, if you have cheaters on the server.

The fact is that ordinary players won’t see you, but players playing with WH will. But only they will have access not to the game model, but to the arrows, or the illumination of your model, despite your invisibility. And who will kill you – you know, this person is playing with WH.

How to become invisible in CS:GO

And here – everything is simple. You will need to write the command in the console:

ent_fire! self addoutput “modelindex 3”

And that’s it, now you are completely invisible to all players. Let’s see what this feature looks like from a third person.

Here is the next player – will disappear.

how to enable invisibility in cs go

He writes the command.

how to enable invisibility in cs go

And this is what happens.

invisible in cs go through the console

By the way, this command has a couple of features.

  1. To activate it, you will need to register “sv_cheats 1” in the console.
  2. Where is the number, next to the team is the model number. It is noteworthy that each card has its own number. So, on Dust 2 – you can activate the command with numbers 2 and 3, and on Mirage – with number 0. In general, you go in and experiment.

This is how, dear readers, you can definitely cheat on your friends, and if you are the owner of your own server, then also on cheaters. Good luck to everyone and bye.

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