How to find out the pattern of weapons in CS:GO

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Hello dear readers. Today we will talk about such a component of CS:GO as patterns. Many players know everything about them, while others have no idea what they are. In our today’s article, we will try to cover this topic as much as possible.

What are patterns

Actually, as we said above, we will start with the basics. A pattern is a drawing or pattern on some CS:GO skin. Sometimes it is also called skin texture. This pattern is applied to weapons in a random order.

what is a pattern in cs go

what are patterns for

Many players are chasing skins with the desire to get something unique. Something that other players won’t have. Actually, this is what they achieve using patterns. Thus, players make their device truly unique, and if the pattern turns out to be cool, then the cost of the skin can increase several tens, or even hundreds of times (for example, a rare painting of some pro-player).

how to find out the pattern of weapons in cs go

The cost of patterns in the CS:GO market

As a matter of fact, patterns can be divided into 2 global categories. This is playside and backside. In the first case, the pattern will be visible on your device to other players in the match. Accordingly, such skins will be much more valuable.

In the second case, the skin pattern will be on its back side, and other players will not be able to see it during the game (unless they pick up your device). They can be expensive too, but they tend to be much less valuable.

There are also mirror patterns. These are the most expensive drawings. they will be located both on the back and on the front of the skin, which raises its cost to incredible values.

As for certain numbers, then everything will depend not only on the pattern, but also on the skin itself. In some situations, the cost of a weapon with a pattern will reach several thousand US dollars.

how to view a pattern in cs go

How to get a good pattern in CS:GO

Well, everything is simple here. You can get a pattern in the game in exactly the same ways as any other skin in CS:GO. We have already written a separate article about this, and if you are interested, then you can read it, which we recommend to you. Now we will only briefly go over all the points.

So, you can get a pattern in the following ways:

  1. Buy it from someone else’s hands.
  2. Buy it from the Steam store.
  3. Exchange it for something.
  4. Win a draw (streamers, youtubers, etc.).

This concludes our article. We have tried to reveal the topic of patterns for you as much as possible. Stay with us, we still have a lot of interesting things in store for you.

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