How to get prime status in CS:GO, PRIME all ways to get in CS:GO

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Hello everyone, dear readers. Today we are going to talk about prime in CS:GO, as well as how to get it and what it gives in general. As always, we will cover this topic in as much detail as possible and try to answer a number of emerging questions related to the main topic.

What is prime in CS:GO

Prime is the status of a CS: GO player, to which Valve has increased trust.

Previously, to get this status, the player had to bind his phone number to Steam. In addition, the player had to have at least 21 ranks.

How to get prime status in CS:GO

Why Prime was created

A prime system was created – as one of the types of fight against smurfs and cheaters. It’s all about binding a phone number. Until now, the system operates when for the Vac-ban of one account – the Vac-ban will be received by all the others who are tied to the same number. Having received the same prime-status, in the selection of MM games, you will come across against the same players with this status.

It turns out that players with prime have extremely low motivation to use cheats. But does it work? Let’s say right away that having a prime is not a 100% guarantee that all players will play fair. Yes, the rage twist is practically not found here, the rage aim or trigger is rare, and BX is very common. For the sake of justice – I want to say that all this happens with 1 player out of 30.

Do I need a prime account in CS:GO

Definitely yes. You, at least to some extent, protect yourself from cheaters, albeit not 100%. Again, this will only concern competitive games. In ordinary public places, everything will be as usual.

How to get prime in CS:GO

Now we will tell you about all the ways in which you can get all this in the game.

  1. The first way will not require anything from you at all except money. You can buy an account with prime status right away, and even with a rank. Yes, it will cost a lot, but it will be worth it.
  2. Play and play a lot.

For each of the games – you will receive rank points. To get prime status, you will need to get the rank of lieutenant at level 21.

How to get prime status in cs go

Link your phone number to your Steam account. It will also be useful in that you additionally secure your profile.

All that remains is to play and win. Remember that once a week there is an experience multiplier that will allow you to get to the desired level faster.

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