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If you’ve seen the video “phoon too much for zblock”

oh, you might want to know how to be a bouncing monster. Well, it’s good that bhop is easy and it just takes a little practice! A distinctive feature of bunnyhop is that it is built into every game that runs on the Source engine. So if you learn how to jump in one game, you will learn how to jump in all games!

This guide will teach you how to bhop the following games:

  • CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive)
  • GMOD (Garry’s Mod)
  • CSS (Counter Strike Source)

What is Banihop

Bhop, or banihop, is a mechanism in the Source engine that allows you to pick up speed by jumping and strafing. Earlier versions of the engine did not have a speed limit / limit, so in theory you could gain infinite speed while moving around the map. After the developers realized this problem, they set a speed limit to prevent abuse of this technique.

How can bunnyhop help me

You might be thinking what is the point of jumping out? It all comes down to one thing – speed. The faster you move, the harder it is to hit you. Imagine being a terrorist on Dust 2 and can get from the T spawn to the box faster than the CT can even turn the corner. This will give you a significant advantage, especially if you have already had time to aim with the AWP and watch the angle along the length, expecting an unsuspecting CT. Light frag, light 5v4, light bombsite, light round.

Requirements for bhop

If you want to do your jump right, you need the right equipment. While there is no “wrong” hardware, a good mouse pad, a good mouse with a good wheel, and a tactile keyboard work wonders.

You can bhop with a space, but you shouldn’t. You will have a significantly better chance of jumping well using the mouse wheel. So how do you use the mouse wheel for jumping in CS GO, CSS and Garry’s Mod? You just press the “~” key to open the developer console. Then type or copy and paste the following commands:

– bind mwheelup + jump (for wheel up)
– bind mwheeldown + jump (for wheel down)

These commands will make the scroll wheel up and down help you jump without a space. If you want to use the scroll only “down” or only “up” to jump, just select the desired direction of movement of the wheel, copy and paste the appropriate command.


You can now start exercising! Many will advise you to run a local server for training. We recommend that you join one of the many community bhop servers. What for? If you are using a local server for training, there will be no latency. You can be incredibly cool at hopping on local servers, but when it comes time to play, you won’t get anywhere. This is because in a regular game, you will experience latency, otherwise known as ping.

You need to practice in a real gaming environment so you don’t lose latency / ping times on your local server.

Strafe jumping

Strafe jumping is used to create momentum and is the most important part of bhop. To strafe, simply run forward using the “W” key. Jump, and when you jump, release the “W” button and hold the “A” button. While doing this, move the mouse to the left in a smooth motion. The same goes for strafe to the right, when you jump and release the “W” button, hold “D” and move the mouse to the right in a smooth motion. The smoothness of the mouse rotation is very important because if your movement is too fast, slow or abrupt, it can lead to a loss of speed.

How to bhop

how a banihop in cs go

Now you just need to put it all together! After the first jump, you no longer have to hold the “W” button. In fact, after you have started the jump, the only keys you will press are A and D.

So this is how BHOP is:

  1. Jump while holding the W button
  2. Release W and strafe to the left as described above
  3. Jump at the moment of landing
  4. Strafe to the right as described above
  5. Do the steps again

Bhops basically boil down to correctly determining jump timings. After a couple of days of training, you will have a concept and should be able to start jumping in your matches. You can practice non-shooting jump timings if it makes learning easier. Just hold “W”, jump, release “W” and keep jumping. Try to time your jumps to maintain speed. You will know if you are doing the right jump when you continue to move forward simply by jumping.

BHOP example

Here’s an example of how much jump speed can give you in a competitive match, and how useful it is as you move around the map. The coolest thing about CS:GO bhop is that the steps are loosened up here, so this poor CT didn’t even know I had turned the corner!

Hand position

The position of your hand on the mouse when jumping is a personal preference. Play around with different grips and see what works best for you. The two most common bhop grips are using your index finger to scroll and jump, or using your middle finger to scroll and jump.

Workouts, workouts and … workouts again!
Dont be upset! Mastering the art of jumping takes time, and it won’t happen overnight. Only Phoon straight out of the womb was born with the ability to bhop. Fortunately, there are tons of tutorial videos online to teach you if you need more help.

how to learn bhop in cs go

how to learn banihop in CS GO

Training, training and … training again

Dont be upset! Mastering the art of jumping takes time, and it won’t happen overnight. Only Phoon straight out of the womb was born with the ability to bhop. Fortunately, there are plenty of tutorial videos online to teach you if you need more help.

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