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Black bars on the sides of the screen are a common problem for those who like to play on laptops and rectangular monitors. It’s ugly, inconvenient, and distracting. But, fortunately, the problem can always be removed. Let’s figure out how to stretch 4:3 to full screen on a laptop.

What will stretch the image

The settings of the game itself allow you to make a widescreen image. But it just adds a viewing angle, although it removes the black stripes on the sides. For real traders, this is not the most profitable option.

Therefore, you can use another method – stretching.

What are its advantages:

  • easier to aim – the enemy visually becomes wider due to deformation of the image;
  • the mouse begins to move faster to the side, while maintaining vertical speed;
  • aesthetic pleasure – black bars do not distract, the entire screen area is involved.

If this is what you need – then let’s start analyzing how to stretch an image in CS GO!

make a stretched screen in CS GO

Game and video card settings

How do I stretch 4:3 to full screen so it doesn’t get 16:9? Easy. But for this you have to go beyond the game settings. Now we will learn how to make 4:3 in the form of a rectangle. Even on awkward Windows 10.

First you have to set the settings that are necessary to stretch the game. This is a 4:3 (square) format with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels, the display mode is full screen. All methods work with such a base. After saving the settings, you must close the CS:GO.

Then you have to open the Game Library on Steam and find CS:GO among the list. Then right-click on it and open “Properties”. Here we need the “Launch Options” section.

A window will appear with a line into which you need to copy two commands:

-window -noborder

With their help, the game will start in a window, but without frames. After that, you will have to tinker a little with the settings of the video card itself. In this case, the image outside the game will also be stretched. So, if this option does not suit you on an ongoing basis, you can either reconfigure each time before playing, or try other methods.

So, most laptops have an Intel chip in addition to an NVidia or AMD graphics card. We will work through him. It is necessary:

  • Right-click on the desktop;
  • Select the line “Graphic characteristics”;
  • In the new window, click on the square with the inscription “Display”;
  • Set a resolution similar to the game (1024×768);
  • At the bottom, find the “Scaling” section and put a tick on the “Zoom to full screen” item;
  • Save settings and close the panel.

After that, the image will change. You can safely go into the game and enjoy the enlarged models. The result is a standard 4:3 stretched over a rectangular monitor. In some cases, especially on Windows 10, there will be no effect.

For NVidia and AMD

Video card drivers allow you to separately adjust the game stretch. Therefore, you can work through them. But first, we set the standard parameters in the game (4:3 and 1024×768). Then we proceed directly to stretching CS:GO 4:3.

For NVidia:

  • Right-click on the desktop;
  • Select “NVidia Control Panel”;
  • Find “Adjust the size and position of the desktop”;
  • Set the parameter “Full screen”;
  • Save settings.

Attention! If there is no such item, you need to reinstall the drivers for the video card. The reduced functionality of the control panel is the problem of crookedly installed drivers.

For AMD:

  • Similarly, right-click on the desktop;
  • Select “Graphics Properties” from AMD;
  • In the window that opens, click on the “Games” tab;
  • Find CS GO in the list;
  • Click on “Profile parameters”;
  • Select “Display scaling” and mark “Full panel”;
  • Return to the main screen of the graphics control panel;
  • Click on the “Display” tab;
  • Enable GPU Scaling.
  • Instead of these settings, if you want to stretch all games at once, you can go directly to Display and enable GPU Scaling, and then select Full Panel scaling mode.

After that, the screen in CS:GO is stretched as planned. But the image on the whole computer will not suffer. Therefore, there is no need to constantly change the settings. Moreover, the method works even on Windows 10.

Just increase your viewing angle

When you do not need to spoil the image, making it disproportionate and elongated, you can simply change the format in the settings and expand the screen. For this you need:

  1. Login CS:GO
  2. Select Settings
  3. In the “Screen format” section, put the banal 16:9

After that, the viewing angle in the game will be higher, and the image will not be spoiled by stretching. There is no practical benefit from this, as such, but the aesthetic feelings do not suffer. But 4:3 in full screen is more for those who want to play better, but easier.

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