How to make a weapon from CS:GO from plasticine

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Hello dear readers. Today we will dive a little into the area of creativity, which we will try to link with one of the most popular eSports disciplines of our time – CS:GO. Namely, we will tell you how to make a weapon from CS:GO, from plasticine.

Surely many of the CS:GO players are fans of various hobbies. Someone prefers to earn skins in the game itself, someone draws them. However, modeling a skin from plasticine really relaxes and soothes.

cs go from plasticine

It really calms the nerves and relaxes, especially after a tough skating rink you lost. At the same time, all this is not so difficult. Actually, you can sculpt from anything, but the most affordable is ordinary plasticine. All you need is a picture of CS:GO skins.

cs go from plasticine

Further, everything will depend on what size you want to dazzle the device. For convenience – purchase special tools for cutting plasticine and further work with it. Prepare toothpicks as some strokes will need to be done very subtly.

So, how do you sculpt plasticine devices from CS:GO?

First you need to make a general figure, without decorations. It is best to start with the butt, then mold the central part of the weapon, then the barrel. By connecting all these components, you will already get something similar.

how to mold from plasticine cs go

After that, you can add smaller parts such as silencers, trigger, sniper scope, etc.

When the weapon is ready, you will need to add paint. This is where you need something thin, like a plasticine knife, toothpicks or matches. With these “tools” you will have to “draw” certain lines, which will subsequently need to be filled with plasticine of a different color.

how to mold cs go from plasticine

It is noteworthy that if you make a skin of large sizes, then for some components it is better to initially use plasticine of a different color.

It remains only to warm up the plasticine well and place it correctly, in the appropriate positions that you previously prepared. And voila, you have a cool plasticine skin from your favorite game.

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