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Hi, our dear readers. We are sure that you have seen many times how different streamers and YouTubers changed the sight color, depending on one or another of their actions in the game. In the in-game environment, it is called the rainbow interface, and in today’s article we will tell you how to use this exciting function.

So, the trick of this setting is that you must bind the color change of your hud to the frequent action buttons in the game. They are usually connected with your movement, jumping, and shooting. It is noteworthy that you will need to make a bind, not just change the settings in the game.

rainbow hud cs go

The following commands will help you:

  • bind β€œw” β€œ+forward; cl_hud_color 1”
  • bind β€œs” β€œ+back; cl_hud_color 2”
  • bind β€œa” β€œ+moveleft; cl_hud_color 3”
  • bind β€œd” β€œ+moveright; cl_hud_color 4”
  • bind β€œmouse1” β€œ+attack; toggle cl_crosshaircolor red”

These commands give you an opportunity to keep the movement buttons in the same values as they were before. You will move with the help of WASD and shoot – clicking on the left mouse button. At the same time, these buttons will have the binds that change the color of your hud, making it iridescent.

If you are not satisfied with the colors indicated above in our examples – you can choose any other of the 12 colors available in the game. They are arranged in the following order.

rainbow hud

  • cl_hud_color 1 – white;
  • cl_hud_color 2 – light-blue;
  • cl_hud_color 3 – blue;
  • cl_hud_color 4 – purple;
  • cl_hud_color 5 – red;
  • cl_hud_color 6 – orange;
  • cl_hud_color 7 – yellow;
  • cl_hud_color 8 – green;
  • cl_hud_color 9 – turquoise;
  • cl_hud_color 10 – pink;
  • cl_hud_color 11 – aqua;
  • cl_hud_color 12 – classic.

You need to put the right number of the bind in the cl_hud_color command – and your hud will be repainted in this color. However, don’t forget that rainbow hud is a rather specific setting that not all players like. Install these binds for yourself if you are sure that just you want to have an iridescent hud.

It is the end of our article – we say goodbye to you, until we meet again.

Thanks for reading!

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