How to pause and unpause CS:GO via the console

Сonsole CS:GO

You probably know that there is a pause in CS:GO, and you also know that it can be called up by voting, in matchmaking or on specialized sites (faceit or esea). However, not many players know that a pause can also be made using the console command. In this article, we will tell you about it.

How to pause and unpause

Actually, you can pause the game with bots, as well as if you play on your own created server, or on another created one, provided that your admin panel has the authority to do so.

The pause is called by the command:


how to pause cs go

Well, you can continue the game thanks to the team:


It is noteworthy that, unlike the competitive mode, this pause will last as long as you need. You will have time to do all your business, and then return and continue training or play.

how to remove a pause in cs go

If you enter this command on your own server, we strongly discourage you from doing this. Other players will not at all be in the mood to sit and wait while you decide your affairs, so it’s better to go to the spectators.

And this is where we end our article, good luck to everyone and see you soon.

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