How to remove fall damage in CS:GO through the console

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Hello everyone, dear readers. Today we want to tell you about one interesting feature from the CS:GO world. Namely, we will tell you about all the ways in which you can remove fall damage in this game, as well as give a couple of examples when this function can be useful to you.

How to remove fall damage

So, initially you should understand what kind of function it is. Simply put, by activating it, you can jump from great heights without fear of crashing or losing a lot of health. Again, you can do this either on your own server or when playing with bots. In competitive CS:GO matches or on third-party competitive sites (Faceit or Esea), you cannot do this.

How to remove fall damage in cs go

To remove fall damage in CS:GO, you will need to write the following command in the console:

sv_falldamage_scale 0

Accordingly, changing the team’s score by one will again activate fall damage:

sv_falldamage_scale 1

Also the command sv_gravity 0 will help you. The standard gravity in CS:GO is 800. Remove this indicator to zero, and you will be able to freely jump from great heights. This, however, is not quite what you need, but it will allow you to climb high hills and get off safely from there.

Among other things, there is also a team for immortality, as well as third-party plugins, but this is a completely different story.

Why disable fall damage in CS:GO

The answer will always be the same – training. For example, you and your teammates will train some dangerous run boosts, or just boosts. In such situations, if you crash, it will be very difficult for you to start the next round, because you can lose the very only exact pixel where you were aiming with a grenade, or with a cross and you will have to start all over again in a new round. And with the command to disable damage, you just repeat the actions again.

team from falling into cs go

You can also add this action on your own server, at the request of your players.

The only drawback of this function is that after such preparations on your server, you will no longer feel the real height in competitive games and will often crash.

And this is where we end our article, good luck to everyone and see you soon.

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