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Good day, dear readers. Today we will talk about one of the old chips, which is now perceived in a new way, about runboost. This is a really worthwhile topic, especially since Vertigo appeared in the pool of competitive maps. On this map, you can overcome walls, as professional teams showed us at past tournaments.

runboost cs go

Let’s start with some basic definitions. Runboost is the actions of 2 players, one of whom stands on the other. These players must walk a few steps in time, after which the top player must jump off. The peculiarity lies in the fact that with such a jump, the top player will receive twice the flight speed, which will allow you to quickly pass through the dangerous zone, especially if you know that the enemy precisely controls it.


However, remember that this only works when both players are walking at a certain speed. To make it easier for you to understand everything clearly, let’s first look at the numbers and statistics. The console command cl_showpos 1 will help you with this. This will turn on a sign on your screen, in which your movement speed will be shown in green.

как делать ранбуст в кс го

For example, if both players are running at 250 speed (with knives), then the top player in flight will get 500 speed.

how to make runboost

Again, much will depend on coordination. As you probably know, every weapon in CS: GO is ambiguous in terms of moving speed. Players will run faster with knives, while worst of all with machine guns. As we said earlier, it is the coordination of actions that is important, as well as the same moving speed, for 2 main reasons.

  1. You don’t always have to travel short distances. In the case when the players have different devices, it will be more difficult for the top one to control his MC. He will have to not only look out for opponents on the hill, but also make sure not to fall.
  2. Different devices will also affect the fact that you will not be able to get the maximum speed in flight. Yes, you can still quickly fly over the danger zone, but you will no longer fly at a speed of 500, but, for example, at a speed of 400, and the enemy player will have a more convenient opportunity to react to you.

Also, you should know that runboost works from absolutely any position. That is, if you both move while sitting, you can still jump from the teammate. There is little sense in this, but it works. Also remember that you cannot do more than 1 infusion. More precisely, you will be able to walk, but you will not run boost, because Player 3 will always just fall.

how to make runboost

The flight range will have a similar effect. With the right actions, you will fly exactly 2 times further than you could have jumped with your best longjump. The difficulty lies in the fact that even the smallest texture that the lower player rests against can interfere with the runboost (for example, a fallen net gate, on T-respawn, on Nuke, from terrorists).

насколько быстрее двигается прыгающий игрок при ранбусте

However, remember that this rule does not work when going down twice. That is, you can run equally well in 2D downhill and run well. On the same Nuke – this is imba.

As for situations where runboost would come in handy, the simplest example is Dust 2. Sometimes there are situations when terrorists have captured the length, but they know that there are 1 or 2 banner players on the CT respawn, but they did not take the smoke. In such a situation, runboost will help. Only the strongest snipers (e.g. Simple) have enough reflexes to kill a model while flying at 500.

And this is where our article comes to an end, good luck to everyone and see you soon.

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