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Each player should have their own game settings, but creating your own settings takes a long time, don’t you agree? Sometimes it is better to use ready-made solutions.

Today I would like to present you the most functional and cheating config in CS:GO, it contains scripts that I have carefully configured over the course of four months.

At first it will be unusual for you, but after playing for 2-3 days you will really like the config and will become the best config for cs:go.

How to download the config

Click the button → Download: Version 2.3 (Download required)

  1. Open the folder – \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Counter-Strike Global Offensive \ csgo \ cfg
  2. Transfer the downloaded file hackonelove.cfg to this folder
  3. Click on the button → Download: Version 1.2 (Download required)
  4. Open the folder – \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Counter-Strike Global Offensive \ csgo \ resource \ ui
  5. Transfer the downloaded file radiopanel.txt to this folder and click “replace”.
  6. Go to CS:GO and write to the console “exec hackonelove” (Without quotes)

How to update / delete config

Delete the hackonelove.cfg file

  1. Go to CS:GO and write to the console “unbindall” (Without quotes)
  2. Go to settings and click “restore settings”

Write what you don’t like in the config, so that I can fix it.
To update – download the new version!

Comparison: Hand Position

Hand position in cs go

Perfect sight

Perfect sight for cs go

This sight automatically adjusts to your shooting.

  • If it is tapping, it will taper towards the center.
  • If it is a spray, a dot will appear in the center of the scope and spray will be activated. (spread control)
  • Also, if you need – the color of the sight can be changed on the map

xhair_v2 | Crosshair Generator v2

sight for cs go

The scope is suitable for medium / close range.

HRTF 3.0 (Enhanced Surround Sound)


  • Amplification of sounds from the front 60%
  • Reinforcement of sounds from behind 60%
  • Amplification of sounds on the left 120%
  • Amplification of sounds on the right 120%

how to make surround sound in cs go

Config settings


  • Mouse Acceleration – Disabled
  • Maximum allowed ping in match search – 70
  • Opening the menu to the “E” button – Enabled

Also, when installing the config, we ask you to bind the keys that will be used in the config to avoid bugs. Command: unbind [key]


  •  Game volume – 1
  • Music volume in the Steam overlay – 0.2
  • Sound Type – Headphone Surround HRT
  • Overall music volume – 0.
  • Music volume in the main menu – 0.3
  • Music volume at the beginning of the round – 0.7
  • Music volume at the end of the round – 0.5
  • Bomb / hostage melody volume – 0.4
  • Ten-second warning music volume – 0.25
  • Music volume after death – 0.5

Recommended startup parameter:

-novid -high + exec hackonelove.cfg

Launch Steam go LIBRARY → GAMES → Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Right click) Properties → Set launch parameters and paste the text above

Config binds

These binds will be updated with updates.

It will show you where your ally and equipment is (even if he is behind the wall)
Your character will quickly pick up a flash grenade
You can change the color of the sight right in the game
You can exit the game by pressing just one button

Binds that are included in the config will be presented below.

Fast scroll

This feature allows you to quickly change your main weapon to a knife and back. Especially useful when shooting with AWP or Desert Eagle.

Scrolling occurs if you press the letter “q”

Fast bomb drop

Have you ever had a situation when you need to drop a bomb without switching weapons? If yes, then this binding is perfect for you!

When you click on the English letter “x”, you will automatically drop a bomb.

Turn off voice chat

This bind will allow you to pull out any clutch, because no one will bother you! With this bind, you can muddle the entire command with one key!

Just press “c” and the whole team is instantly in mutation.


F1 Understood

F2 Thanks! 

F3 Nice Shot 

F4 Group up with me! 

F5 I’m going B! 

F6 I’m going A! 

F7 FORCE round! MP7 / UMP45 + Kelvar = best set for this round! 

F8 ECO round! Please buy only pistols on this round! CZ75 / P250 = best weapon for this round!

F9 Drop me weapon! 

F10 GG!

Hand change

You’ve probably seen how many esports players change sides of their hand. That right, then left just by pressing the keys. Now you can try it for yourself.

To change the view – you must press the English key “b”

Clearing the map

Surely, many have faced the problem that due to blood or bullet holes you can not see the enemy! This will happen with our config – it cannot!

After each shot, the map is automatically cleared of all dirt!

Ninja Assistant

This feature allows you to quickly locate a fused bomb in the smoke.

To do this, you just need to press the English key “n”, and you will immediately find the bomb!

Jump 2.0 (Improved jump)

  • This function is needed to quickly climb high objects.
  • Forget about the CTRL button, you won’t need it anymore! One press of the SPACE button will simplify your jump and allow you to quickly move around objects that are difficult to climb.

how high to jump in cs go

Elite radio panel

With this radio panel you can do everything! From turning on the training mode, placing bots to dropping weapons with one key! Below in the table you can find out how what to do.

For the radio panel to work, you must download both files and install them.

A menu for configuring bots opens
Key: <
Opens the workout menu
Key: >
Opens a menu for weapon drops

Quick purchase

All Bindin Keys on Numpad

When you press Numlock – the purchase will not work!

Quick purchase in cs go

Increase volume during Shift

This feature will be especially useful during clutches. Pressing Shift increases the in-game volume and allows you to better hear what is happening on the map.

Works if your volume is not at maximum

The end

I hope you liked our config, write feedback in the comments below and what to add to our config, thank you all for watching!

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