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In this article, we will figure out what all these numbers mean in net_graph.


FPS в cs go

This graph shows what is probably the most obvious – your current fps.


ПИНГ в cs go

This graph indicates your real ping, which is updated more often than the ping that does it in tabs, but here it is more accurate, and not averaged, as shown in the table.


ТИК в cs go

tick indicates the number of packets that the server processes.


UP в cs go

up shows the number of packets you receive from the server per second.


cmd в cs go

This is the number of packets you send to the server in one second.
You can send more packets than the server allows, but it will not process unnecessary responses and will always strive for the number of packets per second indicated in the tick column.



This column indicates which server you are currently playing on.
It can take on different meanings: offline – you are in the main menu or playing with bots. Official DS – play on official servers. online – when playing on community servers.

Official GOTV – if watching a demo. Official GOTV + – when watching the broadcast of the major, when, in addition to the demo, the commentator is heard. P2P – lobby with workshop maps. Loading – when connecting to the server



Responsible for the percentage of lost packages.
If the parameter starts to rise, this does not mean that the server cannot cope with the load. This means that you have some kind of problem communicating with the server. The problem lies with the Internet connection either you or the server. But certainly not in the capacity of the machine on which the server is hosted.


If the server is suddenly overloaded, the UP parameter will drop lower than indicated in the TICK column. LOSS will still be zero.


CHOKE в cs go

This is the percentage of packets that your client was unable to receive from the server. This parameter has the same negative effect on the game as the previous one. The higher the percentage, the more you will see jerking and unexpected attacks from around the corner, when the enemy was not there and at the same moment he completely looked out and shoots at you.



The parameter shows the number of ms that the server had to spend to process your last packet.
“+ -” next to this parameter means something like an error, more precisely – the average size of changes over the last 50 packages.


VAR в cs go

The lower value indicates the FPS of the server. Obviously, no real frames are rendered on the server, nevertheless, this parameter indicates the duration of one frame rendering. The same parameter, just opposite fps, shows the same thing, only for your computer, and not for the remote server.

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