Why I Can’t Accept an Invitation to the CS:GO Lobby

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Hi, our dear readers. Many players have faced with a lot of errors in CS:GO recently; they couldn’t accept an invitation to the lobby. Moreover, some of the gamers didn’t receive a message at all when they were invited to the lobby. In today’s article, we will tell you about this problem and the way how you can solve it.

the invitation to cs go does not come

In general, there are 2 reasons why this error occurs. The first one is a system failure on the Valve servers. It often happens after any updates, especially a client update. Moreover, the cause of this error may be a breakdown in the settings of the player, or some kind of CS:GO internal failure.

This error can be solved by a banal restart of CS:GO. To increase the effect, it is better to restart Steam itself, because it is possible that the game is affected by the problems of the platform. As a countermeasure, you can try changing the game search regions in the main menu.

invitations to the lobby of cs go do not come

Besides, sometimes the problem lies directly in the player’s config. The fact is that many streamers and YouTubers prescribe a certain command in the config, so they cannot be added and invited to any games by their crazy fans. It is very distracting during the game, and in general, it really gets on your nerves. The command is the following:

  • sv_dc_friends_reqd

If you don’t receive an invitation to the lobby, you may have set the value «0» for this command. All you need is to change the value from zero to one. The command should look like this: «sv_dc_friends_reqd 1».

It’s time to say goodbye. Good luck to everyone!

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