How to bind NUMPAD in CS:GO

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Hello everyone, dear readers. Not so long ago – we made an article for you, in which we told you how to shop quickly in CS:GO and what it is for. There, in the examples – we told you that the Num Lock keyboard (small numbers on the right) would be the ideal option for bindings of quick buy buttons. We still adhere to this opinion, however, the signs on this part of the keyboard have specific “names”, therefore below we will tell you how to bind it correctly.

How to bind NUMPAD in cs go

What is bind in CS:GO

Bind in CS: GO is programming a key to perform an action. In our case, this is a quick purchase of this or that device.

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You will need a console for this. Open it up and write the bind command. Then – add the button to which you want to bind the command, for example, C, or in the case of the Num Lock keyboard – kp_home. And add action here. We need to buy, say, a combat grenade, so we add “buy hegrenade”, always in quotes. Actually, the general command will look like this:

bind kp_home “buy hegrenade”

Repeat the same with other buttons and devices. But, actually, what are the names of all the buttons on the Num Lock-keyboard and what they mean.

  • kp_slash – “/” key
  • kp_multiply – “*” key
  • kp_minus – key “-“
  • kp_home – key “7”
  • kp_uparrow – key “8”
  • kp_pgup – key “9”
  • kp_leftarrow – key “4”
  • kp_5 – key “5”
  • kp_rightarrow – key “6”
  • kp_end – key “1”
  • kp_downarrow- key “2”
  • kp_pgdn – key “3”
  • kp_ins – key “0”
  • kp_del – key “.”
  • kp_plus – key “+”

That’s all, dear readers. And what and to which button to bind will depend on you, what will seem more convenient for you – then choose.

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