How to shoot lightning in CS:GO

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In this article, you will learn: how to shoot lightning in CS GO for a place of shells, with any weapon (deagle, avp, glock, etc.). It works everywhere (mm, normal, public, etc.)

First, I’ll show you how it will look for others! (you won’t see this lightning!)

shoot lightning at cs go

  1. And so the first thing to do is buy a zeus and a weapon with which you will shoot!
  2. We take the zeus in our hand, then we take the main weapon in our hand (MANDATORY IN NUMBERS, NOT WITH THE MOUSE WHEEL)
  3. Then we shoot and immediately press the “previous weapon” button (by default Q)

Voila, you shot lightning!

I repeat, you will not see lightning, only the people around you see (the demo also shows lightning!)

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