Why do you have a Big Ping in CS:GO

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Hi, our dear readers. We are sure that everyone who plays CS:GO knows what ping is and how important it is for the gameplay. It is not surprising that many people want to lower its value to make ping for playing as comfortable as possible. Is it possible to do? Let’s figure it out together.

Why do you have a large ping in cs go

First, let’s look at the definitions. We want to introduce to you the meaning of ping. There is a serious professional definition of this term, but we will try to explain it in an easy way. Ping is the time during which a packet of data is transmitted to the server and then returned to your computer.

The data packet is your actions in the game. In CS:GO, it’s walking, shooting, throwing grenades, and everything else. For example, you shoot at the enemy, right into his body, but the hits are not counted to you, because your or his ping is huge. While the data packet with information about your hits reaching the server, other players can kill you, because their data arrives at the server and is processed earlier.

As for the ping reduction, it’s just an issue of numbers. In fact, it is impossible to lower it, except for 2 essential details:

  • You can increase the Internet speed. In such a way, you will be able to send your data to the server faster, due to which your ping rate will decrease by itself.
  • You can change the server. You just go to the server that is closer to your home and play on it. Someone probably managed to play on Chinese servers, and if you live in the European region of Russia (or countries west of Moscow), you probably saw that here the ping can rise to 300. It happens because of the remoteness of the server.

Console Commands

Why big ping cs go

There are the ways that will allow you to get into the game settings and slightly edit them to choose the frequency of sending your data to the server. It can be done with the help of the console commands, which we will introduce to you now. We must mention that a miracle won’t happen, but you can save 20-30 ping points.

So, you will need to configure 3 main values known to players since CS 1.6. They are the following ones:

  • Loss – how much you lose during each data transfer.
  • Choke is an indicator of packets that weren’t transmitted to the server.
  • Rate is the data exchange speed.

The «cl_updaterate» command is responsible for the amount of lost data. We recommend you set the values 10-30 if you are connected to the Internet via a modem, 50-100 – if you are connected directly, or 100 – if you have a local network.

Why is the big ping cs go

The «cl_cmdrate» command is responsible for the amount of unsent data. Here, we recommend setting the same values as in the previous case, only the modem ones are 20-40.

The rate command is responsible for the connection speed. However, there is one trick here. For each player, this indicator will be individual – it will depend on the Internet speed. It is important to check that the rate indicator doesn’t exceed the speed of your Internet connection. Generally, the indicators for it ranges from 3500 to 25000. If you are connected directly – set the maximum value, if you do it via your modem – the minimum one.

Commands in CS:GO to Lower the Ping

big ping cs go

  • cl_allowdownload 0
  • cl_allowupload 0

Both commands are designed to be played on user servers. They prohibit the exchange of unnecessary data with the server.

  • cl_cmdbackup 1

This command is responsible for the number of packets sent to the server in a certain time. The number is the time in seconds. If you have a ping problem, then put the value 1.

  • cl_download_ingame 0

This command prohibits your CS:GO downloading some extra data.

  • cl_lc 1
  • cl_lb 1
  • cl_lw 1

These commands redirect the load from your PC to the server, forcing it to calculate all the data received from the game.

  • cl_resend

This command is responsible for the time after which a data packet will be sent again if the previous one has not reached.

Besides, we can also include all the commands responsible for influencing FPS. For example, «hud_fastswitch 1», «max_shells 0», «fastsprites 2», «max_smokepuffs 0». These commands are responsible for different graphic effects.

Of course, your game will be a little worse in quality, but it has its advantages. You will not only lower your ping by 10 units, but also significantly increase FPS, because the computer won’t need to process some unnecessary information. It means your PC will be able to use more resources to the other areas of the game.

What else the Ping Rate Affects

big ping cs go

It influences all the programs that require the Internet traffic. If you want to have a normal ping, then except CS:GO you shouldn’t have anything running at the moment. Stop all your torrents, close Skype and any browsers. Moreover, you can clean your PC from any garbage and viruses, because some of them can use the traffic. It will affect the speed of the game and the ping value.

Here, we say goodbye to you. Good luck and see you again!

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