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Hello dear readers. Today we want to make a short article for you that we want to devote to the netgraph settings in CS:GO. We will try to tell you what it is for, how to enable it, and also how to change its size and location.

Netgraph – what is it and what is it for

Netgraph or “net_graph” is a command in the CS:GO console. It brings up a list on your screen showing several useful options. Now we will tell you about them in more detail.

  1. FPS is the number of frames per second that you see on the screen at the moment of the game.
  2. Ping – ping can also be viewed in the account table, but it is not always displayed correctly there. Netgraph – shows your real ping constantly.
  3. Tick ‚Äč‚Äčis the server tickrate. On the Faceit and Esea leagues, the tick rate is 128, in the MM – 64.
  4. Up is the number of packets sent from your PC to the server in 1 second.
  5. CMD is the number of packets your PC is accepting back.
  6. Loss – well, this is the difference between sent and received packets. The higher this indicator – the less smooth the image will be (jerks and jerks).
  7. Choke is the percentage of packets that the server has not delivered to you. The more there are, the worse.
  8. SV is the time in milliseconds it takes to process your packets.
  9. + – is the sv error.
  10. VAR is the fps of the server itself.

As you can see, all these parameters reflect the health of your Internet directly in CS:GO. You can identify maps, or places on the maps, where you have a strong drawdown of parameters and simply avoid them.

Again, a netgraph is a useful thing that will always show the real capabilities of your PC or Internet, which in turn will push you to change your provider or upgrade your PC.

How to enable and change Netgraph in CS:GO

So, Netgraph is activated by a command in the console. To place the parameters in the lower right corner – you will need to register net_graph 1. Everything is activated.

how to reduce the netgraph

If you want to place the parameters in the middle from the bottom, then write net_graphpos 2 in the console.

how to reduce net graph in cs go

Accordingly, net_graphpos 3 will change the position of the lines to the lower left corner.

how to reduce net graph in cs go

If you need to resize the net graph, then you need the net_graphproportionalfont command.

By default, it will stand at one, and if you need to reduce the netgraph, then just write net_graphproportionalfont 0.5, and your parameters will become small and not distracting during the game.

how to reduce the size of the netgraph in cs go

Good luck to everyone and see you soon.

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