How to wind up the clock in CS:GO, fast cheat time

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Hello everyone, dear readers, today we will talk about how to wind up the clock in CS: GO, what is needed for this and why do it at all?

Why you need to wind up the clock in CS: GO

The thing is that profiles with a large number of played hours are valued by players much higher than profiles of beginners. You have probably more than once come across players who log in from accounts on which they have barely played 50-60 hours, and they are already playing lemmas or supreme.

Naturally, suspicions of cheating arise. But a person who has 4-5 thousand hours – and really have nothing to show. If he played so much before, then he is honest. You don’t know that this time can be screwed up.

How to wind up the clock in cs go

Anyway, in case you want to sell your account to someone, the price will be influenced not only by the title and the presence of prime status, but also by the hour rate. The more there are, the higher the price you can set for your account.

how to wind up hours in cs go

How to cheat the clock in CS: GO honestly

Here you will have 2 options – either play honestly all the time, or cheat a little. On the Internet, you can find special servers on which players fill in achievements on their profiles.

Here on them – you can not only complete all the existing achievements in the game, but also notably fill yourself hours. The fact is that the players there are divided into 2 categories. Some of them are doing quests, while others are standing by the AFK, filling their watches.

It is noteworthy that on such servers the map does not change, i.e. having entered there once – you will not need to return to the game to confirm the side you are playing for. Time in the game – you will be counted. Go to the server, write + Right or + Left in the console and minimize the game, maybe even at night. And so you can pump yourself up time for days.

How to wind up a clock in CS: GO using third-party programs

We are not fans of third-party and incomprehensible programs, because along with them are often annoying viruses included. But we promised to show all the existing methods, so take a look.

There is such a program that allows you to launch the game without launching it (sorry for the confusion). You open this program, drag the Steam icon here and open CS: GO.

cheat watches in cs go

This is how the program will look like with activated Steam.

how to quickly wind up the clock in cs go

Now you just need to click on the game and confirm.

program for cheating watches in cs go

The game will be considered running on the server created by the program. By the way, this way you can simultaneously wind up to a dozen games.

This is how, dear readers, you can wind up time in CS: GO. We hope we helped you and answered your questions. Good luck everyone and bye.

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