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Greetings, dear readers. Today we want to once again turn to the admin teams on servers in CS: GO and tell you what rcon is and how to use it to improve and make your server more popular.

What does rcon mean

In order not to assert you in boring terms, we will try to explain everything to you as simply and accessible as possible. Most recently, we did an article in which we talked about admin commands in CS: GO. Earlier – we talked about the commands that you can use on regular servers.

In general, rcon is a terminal for managing your server, where you can enter the commands available to you when playing with bots. This way you can set up your server as conveniently as possible. This means that you can use regular console commands to configure the server.

rcon changelevel de_dust2 – changes the map to any you typed after changelevel
rcon kick gogee – kick a player with the nickname gogee
rcon mp_restartgame 1 – restart of the map after 1 second.
rcon mp_autoteambalance “1” – Turn on or turn off the automatic balance of players (to throw if there is someone more)
rcon mp_buytime “0.25” – change the purchase time (in minutes) (by default 25 seconds – 0.25)
rcon mp_c4timer “35” – change the time at which the bomb is planted on de_ maps (in seconds)
rcon mp_fadetoblack “0” – does the screen turn black after death? 1-yes 0-no
rcon mp_footsteps “1” – can you hear footsteps while running? 1-yes 0-no

rcon mp_forcecamera “0” – is it allowed to watch other team members after death? 0-yes 2-no
rcon mp_forcechasecam “0” – is it allowed to watch the players of the other team after death? 0-yes 2-no
rcon mp_freezetime “5” – delay before the start of the round (in seconds)
rcon mp_friendlyfire “0” – is friendlyfire enabled 1-yes, 0-no
rcon mp_hostagepenalty “0” – kick for hostage attack? 1-yes 0-no
rcon mp_limitteams “2” – how much should there be an advantage to overweight?

rcon mp_maxrounds “0” – the maximum number of rounds that can be played on the 1st map (by default, the map is played for a while)
rcon mp_roundtime “1.75” – round time (default 1 minute 45 seconds – 1.75)
rcon mp_startmoney “800” – money with which the player starts playing after joining the game
rcon mp_timelimit “25” – how long one map is played (in minutes)
rcon mp_winlimit “0” – how much maximum one team can win to move to the next map (disabled by default)
rcon sv_alltalk “0” – if 1, then everyone will hear the microphones of the opposite team
rcon sv_gravity “800” – gravity (default 800)
rcon sv_proxies “1” – how many HLTVs can join the server (1 by default)
rcon sv_voiceenable “1” – whether to allow players to speak into the microphone?
rcon pausable “0” – allow players to pause manually with the pause command in the console?
rcon allow_spectators “1” – allow spectators to join?
rcon addip 0.0 ip (for example rcon addip 0.0 – in this example, ip flies into a permanent ban. Copy the IP from the console after the rcon status command.
rcon removeip ip (for example, rcon removeip – unbanns ip from the banlist
rcon mp_pausematch Pause the game
rcon mp_unpausematch Resume the game after a pause

That is, in fact, the whole difference. It is noteworthy that with the help of the rcon command, you can also use the admin commands that we described in the last article. It looks like this:

  1. rcon sm_slay Valisiy – slay the player with the nickname Vasiliy.
  2. rcon sm_map de_dust2 – change the map to Dust2.

Actually, you can familiarize yourself with the full list of commands on the site, both with the console ones, which you will configure the server, and with the admin ones, which you will manage the server.

All in all, we wish you good luck and prosperity to your server. Until next time.

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